The Mission of Blue Dragon Herbs™

To bring the healing power of Chinese herbs, to the United States, in all their original potency, yet unadulterated by the toxins of modern chemical herb farming

At Blue Dragon, we grow our herbs in the same locations and using the same methods that have been used for hundreds and thousands of years.

The soil is fertilized naturally, with compost and the use of crop rotation, instead of chemical fertilizers.

In place of insecticides, our farmers use the naturally effective juice of fresh herbs such as Chrysanthemum, Wild Ginger or Ephedra Stem.

Instead of herbicides, our farmers take care of weeds the old-fashioned way, pulling them out by hand one by one.

The difference is vitally important for the health of our farmers, our patients, ourselves, future generations, and the health of the Earth itself.

The following points differentiate the quality and commitment of Blue Dragon Herbs

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