The Liquid Concentrates Extraction Process

Blue Dragon Herbs™ uses a time-tested extraction process that utilizes all natural solvents. No hexane or ethers are used in production. All formulas are in a low alcohol and vegetable glycerin base. Alcohol has been an important ingredient for herbal products and in both China and the West for centuries. It is an excellent carrier of active ingredients, enhancing both bio-availability and ease of assimilation. Vegetable glycerin is used because it helps to bind certain plant constituents, is natural to the body, easily absorbed, tastes sweet without affecting blood sugar levels, and acts as a good solvent and carrier for the plant constituents. The liquid extracts are 8:1 concentrations.

Since palatability is such an important factor in compliance and enjoyment of liquid  extracts, a good deal of experimentation went into their formulation. Normal herbal tinctures with up to 60% alcohol content are overly biting and bitter, while glycerin based extracts can be sickly-sweet. Blue Dragon Herbs™ solves these issues by using a combination of low alcohol and glycerin together. The bitterness of the alcohol and the sweetness of the glycerin cancel or balance each other out, allowing the natural, sweet taste of the herbs to come through.

“The world is a sacred vessel that cannot be changed. He who changes it will destroy it. He who seizes it will lose it.”

- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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