“As Chinese medicine practitioners we all know how effective Chinese herbs can be. However, what we don’t always know, is how clean and safe the herbs we are purchasing are. Finally, with Blue Dragon Herbs, we have access to high quality, organic Chinese herbs. I have been using Blue Dragon herbal formulas with my patients for over 10 years, and have been thrilled with their efficacy. As a customer, I have been very pleased with Blue Dragon’s customer service. I have always received immediate responses with helpful information, and the interactions have been pleasant and personable. The confidence to provide our patients with effective and organic Chinese herbs is such a gift. I am truly grateful.” l delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

- Anita Teigen, L.Ac., Red Clover Clinic, Roseville, Minnesota

“I love your product so much - it has changed my life so profoundly. After almost 30 years of having an erratic menstrual cycle and trying everything under the sun I started taking Equilibrium. Since the first month I have had a healthy, regular period every month - for the first time in my life. I can't thank you enough, Michael!”

- Jessica Lanyadoo, Oakland, California

“Blue Dragon Herbs are always my first choice for herbal formulas in my practice, primarily because they are extremely effective, but also because they are organic and the highest quality that I’ve been able to find. My patients are always surprised at how quickly they feel results, and they also appreciate my efforts to find the highest quality in herbal products. I’ve been using them for myself, my family, and my patients for over 14 years and I haven’t found anything to match their outstanding quality and effectiveness.”

- Theresa Valenzuela, L.Ac. Acupuncture Healing in Sequim, Washington

“I've been using Blue Dragon formulas for several years & I swear by them. I'm Blue Dragon for life! There are so many products on the market that are poorly made which is why I love these formulas. They actually produce results. Frankly, you should just stop wasting time reading reviews & just start ordering! Michael is an absolute joy to do business with. I LOVE doing business with real people as opposed to icky large companies. My order arrives FAST & FABULOUS! THANKS Michael!”

- Roxy Rich, Eugene, Oregon

"I've been impressed with the herbs I've received from Blue Dragon Herbs. They were quick to answer my questions regarding testing and their dedication to quality and potency is evident throughout."

- M. Sean Kaminski, L.Ac. NYC, New York

“I really like Blue Dragon Herbs because of the personal attention I receive and the high quality ingredients they use. It is very difficult, actually impossible to find other Chinese Herb companies committed to using organic herbs. I feel good, and my patients feel reassured, knowing that Blue Dragon strives to make sure their products contain as few additives and chemicals as possible.”

- Cindy Rosenberg, L.Ac., Los Angeles, California

“The quality and integrity of Blue Dragon Herbs far surpasses that of other Chinese herb companies I had previously used. I love that the herbs are mostly organically grown and wild crafted, so they are virtually free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers which are harmful to my patient’s health. Also, I get better compliance because the formulas have no fillers, so my patients don‘t have to take as many capsules. I have had great success using the traditional, modified traditional and specialty formulas. I highly recommend Blue Dragon to any practitioner who uses Chinese herbs.”

- Tammi Jones, L.Ac., Sonoma Wellness Center, Winter Park, Florida

“Blue Dragon Herbs honors Traditional Chinese Medicine and herb formulas by creating great, clean efficacy for my clients and myself. The formulas give quicker, cleaner, stronger results. We love them!”

- Debora Silverman, L.Ac., Body Mind Spirit, San Francisco, California

“I have been a very satisfied customer of Blue Dragon Herbs for 12 years. Like many acupuncturists, I order from several companies, but as the Blue Dragon line expands, I replace those other products with their organic formulas. Michael Sax is a brilliant herbalist and I really appreciate his incorporation of guaranteed potency herbs to improve the efficacy of several of his formulas. The Equilibrium formula is the only Xiao Yao modification I carry and is a staple in my practice. My patients notice significant differences when I replace their herbs with Blue Dragon Herbs, which also improves overall outcomes and patient compliance.”

- Brenda Smith. L.Ac., Pasadena, California

“I have been using Blue Dragon Herbs in my practice for over twelve years. The fact that they are organically grown is extremely important to both me and my patients. The formulas are pure and very potent. My patients have had excellent results. I use them for my personal health as well.”

- Valerie Ducos, L.Ac., Sherman Oaks, California

“I was introduced to Blue Dragon Herbs and impressed by the quality of its organic herbal formulas, especially the liquid tinctures which are my favorite. Dr Sax’s personal attention and prompt communication make it a pleasure in dealing with his company. I am currently incorporating many of his formulas in my medical practice.”

- Maria E. Baez, ND (NC) Lac, San Pedro Healing Arts Medical Clinic, San Pedro, California

“My colleague Fred Blair, L.Ac. and I formed 1 Tribe Herbs in 2007 to market our anti-HIV formula, ViraPhyte (www.HIVherbs.org). We chose Blue Dragon Herbs to produce our formula because the mission of Blue Dragon matched exactly with our values as practitioners — to provide our patients with not only clean, natural herbs, but knowing they are grown with no or minimal impact on the environment in China. The quality and concentration of the formula allows it to be taken in smaller doses. This lends higher patient compliance, an essential in a formula developed to fight a chronic viral illness like HIV. The taste and potency of this product was superior to other formulations from previous vendors; the proof is that our formula helps keep HIV at bay, along with antioxidants and nutrients, allowing patients who are not ready for HIV medications, or are not interested in HIV medications, an alternative to stay healthy and stable. Our mission would have been impossible to meet our standards without Blue Dragon Herbs, and Michael’s enthusiasm for our boutique product.”

- Mark Kuebel, L.Ac., NYC, New York

“Blue Dragon Herbs has truly created an amazing line of organic herbal formulas! In my twenty-one years as a practitioner, I have dealt with many herbal companies, but rarely do you see the combination of high quality and service that Blue Dragon offers. Their pricing is commensurate with other companies, yet their formulas are 100% herb with no fillers and “micro-meshed” to enhance assimilation. Michael has made some wonderful modifications of traditional formulas that take into account their application to the American and European life-style. I am particularly impressed with Blue Dragon‘s commitment to each individual herb farmer and sustainable agriculture in China. The bottom line for any practitioner however is how their patients respond to his/her treatments, and my use of Blue Dragon Herbs has definitely enhanced the wellness of my patients.”

- Patrick Sullivan, A.P., White Crane Clinic, Tarpon Springs, Florida

“Blue Dragon has developed a great line of patent herbs that are organic and from which I (and many other acupuncturists I know) get great results, much better than from most patents. I remember one difficult patient who had multiple chemical sensitivities, for whom I tried many menopause patents, and for whom none worked very well, until she tried the cleaner, higher quality Blue Dragon line.”

- Cynthia Nephris, L.Ac., Admissions/Community Education Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York

"Michael Sax, the owner of Blue Dragon Herbs is making sure his Chinese herbs are of the highest quality and free of toxins. What else could you ask for?"

- Larry Welsh, Great Chi, Japanese -Classical Acupuncture & Whole Food Nutrition

“Once in a while, one finds something special that goes above and beyond expectations and gives a sense that this is extraordinary. Blue Dragon Herbs is this company.
I have seen healing occur faster with a deep inner awareness of the healing process. I believe this is because of the company's uniqueness.
A line of organic herbs acquired from China, without fillers or chemicals, has been created as the dream of an explorer who travelled to gain decades of knowledge and contacts. This is a gift we truly can appreciate. How lucky we are to have such an amazing source of knowledge combined into one company.
Blue Dragon Herbs has created a line of natural herbs, which have been combined into formulas based on decades of first-hand traditional education and experience, to provide a unique and powerful line of herbal products unseen yet in our time.”

- T. Kollars, NCCH

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