Way Cool


2 Fluid Ounces

Way Cool is a modification of the classic formula,Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan, which is used for cooling and moistening the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, when Yin and Yang energies are in balance, there is no dis-ease, illness or symptoms. Yin energy moistens and cools bodily functions. But, if Yin is depleted, pathogenic heat may develop. While having a temperature, hot flashes or night sweats are manifestations of Yin deficiency, sometimes you don’t feel true heat in your body. Rather, it is a lack of moistening and cooling in the organs and tissues.

Yin deficiency is likely to occur when you are constantly overworked or not getting enough sleep.Sometimes helpful lifestyle modifications such as eating right and exercising aren’t enough to remove the pathogenic heat. Chinese herbs such as those in Way Cool can help restore Yin-Yang balance and effectively eliminate symptoms and recurrence. It also useful to clear heat buildup from environmental toxins and substance abuse.


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