Thermogen is a combination of Chinese and Western herbs which reactivate the body’s own fat-burning process. The formula also supports adrenal function and cleanses and strengthen the liver, which is crucial in converting stored fat into a form that is readily burned. Thermogen addresses digestive system weakness and inefficiency, and the resultant stagnation common in obesity and weight gain.

The king herb in the formula, Zhi Shi (Citrus Aurantium), activates ‘thermogenisis’, that is, the body’s ability to produce heat in the BAT (brown adipose tissue) to burn up excess dietary and stored calories. It works similarly to Ma Huang, but without any of the harsh side effects. It is assisted here by Cinnamon Bark, Green Tea and Ginger. Another group of herbs, including Siberian Ginseng and Astragalus improve the strength and efficiency of the digestive function. Ci Wu Jia also has a regulatory effect on the endocrine system, specifically the adrenal glands, thyroid and pancreas. Cardamom and Magnolia Bark address stagnation of Qi/Energy in the digestive system, while Hawthorne Berry dissolves food stagnation. Newly popular Curcumin moves stagnant Liver Qi, and Dandelion helps eliminate toxins released from the adipose tissue during weight loss. Polygala is added to reduce anxiety and stress all too common in many cases of unwanted weight gain.


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