Shen Spirit


2 Fluid Ounces

Shen Spirit is the strongest formula in the Blue Dragon line to ‘Calm the Spirit’ and open the Heart, as well as for everyday stress and anxiety. For millennia throughout Asia, the formulas King herb, Reishi Mushroom, has been highly sought after by emperors and sages alike as the pre-eminent Shen or Spirit tonic of Chinese herbalism.  Also called the “Mushroom of Spiritual Awakening,” Reishi is said to protect the spirit, calm the mind and nurture the growth of intelligence and wisdom. This elegant combination of herbs is used traditionally for calming, stress, anxiety, restlessness, manic behavior, bad temper and agitation, melancholy, sadness, insomnia with dream disturbed sleep, and is specifically intended for heartbreak.

In Western Medical terminology these herbs have a sedative effect to relieve nervousness and irritability, an anxiolitic function to relieve stress and anxiety, and have been found to ease withdrawal symptoms associated with drugs, smoking and alcohol addictions.


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