Prostate Support


90 Veggie Caps   500 mg

The King herb in Prostate Support, Saw Palmetto provides concentrated amounts of free fatty acids and sterols. Studies suggest that it reduces prostate size and swelling through anti-androgenic properties, lowering the amount of DHT (an active form of testosterone) binding in the part of the prostate surrounding the urethra. Together with Pygeum, it can prevent the clinical progression of BPH. Prostate Support addresses both the cause and effects of BPH by reducing the swelling and prostate enlargement, while at the same time promoting normal urination by “clearing Damp-heat and turbidity” and “moving stagnant Blood and Qi” and “softening hardnesses.” With regular use it can assist with BPH, chronic prostatitis, elevated PSA levels, slow, halting urination or decrease in force of flow, frequent night time urination, and feeling of incomplete urination and dribbling, common symptoms of BPH.


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