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Blue Dragon Herbs most popular formula is Equilibrium, a modification of the Chinese classic formulas, Xiao Yao San and Jia Wei Xiao Yao San. It is so popular because it effectively addresses the # 1 cause of all illness – stress. According to traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Equilibrium moves stagnant “Liver Qi” or energy. Stagnation of Qi or the natural flow of the Energy/Life Force natural flow causes pain, whether on a physical, mental or emotional level. Formulas like Frameworks Acute, Muscle Relaxer and Painful Joint effectively address the physical manifestations of pain. Equilibrium focuses on stagnation on a mental or emotional level. Can’t get rid of those same thoughts or old feelings? TCM posits that this stuck energy causes stress, irritability, nervousness, frustration, mood swings, and insomnia related to stress. The core principle here is that the number one sign of Life is movement. With reduced movement, there is impaired health; when there is no movement, there is no life. Getting the bodies energy moving is therefore essential to maintaining life and good health. Herbs can help restorethe Qi or Energy flow and health, but only proper lifestyle, diet and exercise and rest habits can keep you healthy.

Equilibrium and it’s base formulas, Jia Wei Xiao Yao San and Xiao Yao San, are also the principle TCM formulas for stagnation causing PMS & breast distention, irregular menstruation and menstrual cramping.


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