2 Fluid Ounces

Enerchi is a modification of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, traditionally used to boost energy, combating fatigue and weakness due to overwork, lack of sleep, mental and     emotional stress or poor diet. Enerchi naturally enhances physical and mental stamina for those with demanding lifestyles. It increases basal metabolism, raising the bodies “Qi” or energy production and utilization.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang strengthens the bodies adaptogenic function to help one better adapt to stressors, whether physical, emotional, mental or environmental. Again, according to TCM, deficiencies in these functions can result in symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, poor digestion and appetite, shortness of breath, chronic fatigue syndrome, gastric, rectal or uterine prolapse, anemia, or compromised immune function.

Enerchi does not focus on relieving these possible symptoms or “diseases”, or claim to do so, but rather on strengthening the bodies underlying energy and immune function


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