Chai Hu Long Gu Lu Mu Li Tang


90 Veggie Caps   500 mg

Chai Hu Long Gu Lu Mu Li Tang literally means “Bupleurum plus Dragon Bone & Oyster Shell” in Chinese.”Dragon Bone” is actually fossilized animal bone, which is high in calcium, potassium, sodium and other trace elements, similarly to Oyster Shell. The bones are cooked and ground into a powder before being used. Its main functions are to calm the Spirit (or Shen), Heart and Liver. Typically, Dragon Bone is used as a sedative to reduce stress and calm the mind, and to help treat cases of insomnia and manic behavior.

Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Lu Li Tang originally appeared in the great classic of Chinese Medicine, the Shang Han Lun, over 1800 years ago. It was indicated for the treatment of conditions such as fullness of the chest, irritability and palpitations. Today, the applications of this formula in China have expanded to include a wide range of heat symptoms. When the Heart is disturbed, as by fear or heat, it can not reside peacefully and may ‘float upwards’ causing insomnia, anxiety, neurosis, hysteria or depression.


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