Mission Statement

The mission of Blue Dragon Herbs™ is to bring the healing power of Chinese herbs to the United States, in all their original potency, yet unadulterated by the toxins of modern agriculture. Eighty-eight percent of the herbs used in our formulas are either certified organically grown or organic wild-crafted on 600,000 acres across eleven provinces in remote rural areas of China.

At Blue Dragon Herbs™, we are committed to organic sustainable agriculture and its four main goals—environmental health, resource conservation, economic profitability, and social and economic equity.

Social and Economic Equity

We contract with farmers in remote rural areas far from crowded, polluted centers. It is very important to us that the 50,000 poor families working the land have doubled to tripled their income by switching from subsistence food production to growing organic herbs, allowing them to markedly improve their living conditions. Social equity also means consumer health and safety here in the U.S., both in the present and the future.

Environmental Health

Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers have never been used on our virgin land. The air, water and earth are still clean, and we are committed to see that they remain clean.

Resource Conservation

The wild-crafted organic herbs are gathered sustainably, with only 20% of available herbs harvested each year to ensure habitat protection and conservation of these valuable plants for future generations.

Economic Profitability

Our company helps to sustain the economic viability of herb farm operations and grow prosperous farming communities.

Our guiding motto is
“For Our Patients, For Ourselves, For Our Planet.”

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