Formulas By Benefit

In Capsules (C); In Liquid Concentrate (L); In Both (C & L)

Radiance (C & L), Radiance Supreme (C & L), Green Dream (C)

  • Detoxification: Liver Detox, Green Dream (C)
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: Green Dream (C), Conspicuous Consumption (C & L), Cool Stomach (C), Enerchi (C & L), Thermogen (C)
  • Energy: Enerchi (C & L), Chi Cool (C), AdaptogenX (L), Resistance (C & L)
  • Eye & Ear Support: Replenishment (C & L), Gentiana Combination (C)
  • GREATER STRETCH AND FLEX: Yoga Elixir (C & L), Muscle Relaxer (C & L)
  • Gastrointestinal Health: GI Care (C), GI Care 2 (C)
  • HEADACHE AND MIGRAINE: Feverfew Plus (C), Gentiana Combination (C), Pressure Ease (C), Muscle Relaxer (C & L)
  • Hormone Support: Equilibrium (C & L)
  • Immune Support: Resistance (C & L), AdaptogenX (L)
  • Men’s Health: Dragon’s Fire (C & L), Replenishment (C & L), Ultimate Replenishment (C & L)
  • Mood Support: Equilibrium (C & L), Shen Spirit (C & L)
  • Musculoskeletal Support: Frameworks (C & L), Joint Trust (C), Frameworks Acute (C), Muscle Relaxer (C & L)
  • Pain & Inflammation Support: Frameworks Acute (C), Flameless (C), Muscle Relaxer (C & L)
  • PROSTATE SUPPORT: Prostate Support (C)
  • Respiratory Support: Clear Lung (C), Resistance (C & L), Resistance Acute (C & L)
  • Sleep Support: Beautiful Dreamer (C), Shen Spirit (C & L)
  • STRESS: Equilibrium, Beautiful Dreamer (C), AdaptogenX (L)
  • VIRUS SUPPORT: Viricide (C), Resistance (C & L), AdaptogenX (L), Equilibrium (C & L)

Weight Management: Thermogen (C), Enerchi (C & L)

  • Women’s Health: Women’s Formula (C), Way Cool (C & L), Equilibrium (C & L), Eight Treasures (C), Frameworks (C & L)

“The world is a sacred vessel that cannot be changed. He who changes it will destroy it. He who seizes it will lose it.”

- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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