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Practitioners have access to the complete Blue Dragon Clinical Manual which has:

Formula Usage Guides:
Symptom Index with TCM Differentiation
Zang Fu & Precious Fluid Differentiation
Five Element Differentiation
Dosage Guide

Price Sheets:
Capsule Formulas
Liquid Extracts

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The Blue Dragon Difference:

  • Highest Percentage of Organic Herbs
  • 100% Herb - No Fillers
  • "De Dao Herbs"
  • Lowest Sulfur and Heavy Metals
  • Micromesh For Superior Assimilation
  • No Endangered Species
  • Safer High Ion Beam Sterilization
  • The "Four GPS" or Good Practices
    1. GAP - Good Agricultural Practices
    2. TGPP - Traditional Good Processing Practices
    3. GMP-ISO 9001 - Good Manufacturing Practices
    4. GLP - Good Laboratory Practices
  • Guaranteed Potency Herbs
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