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New Products Coming Soon

  • 120 traditional formulas in capsules; 70 will have the familiar green 100% organic logo
  • 300 traditional formulas in tea pills
  • An expanded Blue Dragon line of modified classics and specialty formulas
  • Individual herb extracts in two formats for custom formulas in your clinics herb pharmacy.
    1. Extract granules, “micromeshed” yielding smaller particles by using the same process as “cracked cell chlorella”. This process, mechanically breaks the indigestible cell wall, making the granules fragrant and fluffly, and equally important, easier to digest and assimilate. This increases potency s well as reduces dosage required.
    2. Microdrops – tiny homeopathic sized pellets of 10:1 extracts. As with all of our products, they are 100% herb with no fillers.
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The Blue Dragon Difference:

  • Highest Percentage of Organic Herbs
  • 100% Herb - No Fillers
  • "De Dao Herbs"
  • Lowest Sulfur and Heavy Metals
  • Micromesh For Superior Assimilation
  • No Endangered Species
  • Safer High Ion Beam Sterilization
  • The "Four GPS" or Good Practices
    1. GAP - Good Agricultural Practices
    2. TGPP - Traditional Good Processing Practices
    3. GMP-ISO 9001 - Good Manufacturing Practices
    4. GLP - Good Laboratory Practices
  • Guaranteed Potency Herbs
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