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Mission Statement

The mission of Blue Dragon is to bring the healing power of Chinese herbs to the United States, in all their original potency, yet unadulterated by the toxins of modern life. Eighty-eight percent of the herbs used in our formulas are either certified organically grown or organic wild-crafted on 600,000 acres across eleven provinces in remote rural areas of China. Twenty-eight of Blue Dragon‘s sixty-six capsule formulas are comprised of 100% organically grown or wild crafted herbs. Fifty-six of the sixty-six formulas have 80% or higher organically grown or organically wild-crafted herbs. In the Spring of 2011, 490 USDA certified organic raw herbs as well as extract granules will be available.

At Blue Dragon Herbs®, we are committed to organic sustainable agriculture and it‘s four main goals—environmental health, resource conservation, economic profitability, and social and economic equity.

Environmental Health: Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers have never been used on our virgin land. The air, water and earth are still clean and we are committed to see that they remain clean.

Resource Conservation: The wild-crafted organic herbs are gathered sustainably, with only 20% of available herbs harvested each year to ensure habitat protection and conservation of these valuable plants for future generations.

Economic Profitability: Our company helps to sustain the economic viability of herb farm operations and grow prosperous farming communities.

Social and Economic Equity: We contract with farmers in remote rural areas far from crowded, polluted centers. It is very important to us that the 50,000 poor families working the land have doubled to tripled their income by switching from subsistence food production to growing organic herbs, allowing them to markedly improve their living conditions. Social equity also means consumer health and safety here in the U.S., both in the present and the future.

Patient health and safety, both in the present and the future: Our guiding motto is “For Yourself, For Your Patients, For Our Planet.” For Doctors, of course, the health of our patients is our first and most immediate responsibility. The use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers poison our Earth and our bodies, resulting in an increase in lymphomas, leukemia, Parkinson‘s disease, birth defects and hormonal imbalances, including altering normal menstrual cycles. And since pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in China are not subject to the same regulations and restrictions as in Europe and the U.S., they have a higher toxicity rate. They‘ve been used in such heavy concentrations that the ground water in many parts of China is contaminated with them. That‘s why we only grow or wild-craft our herbs in remote rural areas, at least 100 kilometers from any industrial manufacturing or smokestack industries and 50 kilometers from any town of more that 1,000 individuals. On the positive side, organically grown and wild-crafted herbs, similarly to organic foods, have shown increased nutritional value, more anti-oxidants, and significantly more taste.

For Yourself
For Your Patients
For Our Planet

The following points differentiate the quality and commitment of Blue Dragon Herbs.

  • The Highest Percentage of USDA Certified Organic Content By Far of Any TCM Herb Company. Blue Dragon and it‘s grower have had 404 herbs certified organic by the USDA and EU, through BCS Oko-Garantie Gmbh, accredited agent of the USDA and the EU (European Union). Germany’s BCS Oko-Garantie Gmbh is the #1 recognized authority in Europe, the United States, Korea, Japan and Korea. It‘s organic certification follows that of NOP (National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture). In the spring of 2011, ninety additional herbs will obtain USDA certification. You will find more detailed information on the source of each herb listed in the “Individual Herb Source Table” beginning on page 14, as well as the exact organic percentage of each formula on the individual formula description pages beginning on page 68.
  • Blue Dragon Herbs formulas are 100% Herb: We use no fillers. All herb companies that extract herbs and encapsulate or sell the powdered extracts must spray dry their liquid extract onto an excipient or carrier medium to bind the herbs, provide stability and prevent shrinkage as moist ingredients dry further. This is necessary because further heating or completely drying the herbs prior to encapsulation damages the vital oils and other com-pounds in the herbs. Many companies also use excipients, most often, magnesium stearate, calcium phosphate or vegetable micro-cellulose as a filler, comprising up to 50% of the content. Blue Dragon Herbs™ uses only the minimum necessary raw, ground version of the same formula ingredients as the excipient. This increases the potency considerably, while eliminating allergic reactions caused by some excipients.
  • De Dao Herbs: We always choose the correct location and genus of herb or “De Dao”, according to Shen Nong‘s Classic Compendeum of Materia Medica or Shen Nong Ben Cao, the first Pharmacopoeia of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. The importance of using only De Dao herbs cannot be overstated as imitation herbs are cultivated for expediency or lower price in environments that lack the many of the essential aspects that made the herb so potent in its natural habitat. In the wild, plants adapt themselves to and flourish in specific ecosystems – soil with a particular mix of organic compounds and miner-als, rainfall patterns, groundwater PH and daily and seasonal temperature variations. You cannot remove the plant from it‘s natural habitat and grow it on a field by the airport 1,500 miles away and expect the herb to have the same properties and functions. The Chinese are clear. They say that Dang Gui not grown in Gan Shu Province is not Dang Gui. Besides having higher concentrations of active compounds, the De Dao Dang Gui from Gan Shu Province is sweet, bitter and warm, whereas the majority of what sells as Dang Gui, grown in Yu Nan Province and elsewhere is not as warming, has little or no sweet taste, and is far more bitter. This dramatically changes the function of the herb and makes it unacceptable for usage. This long standing traditional knowledge is supported by HPLC and HerboID® to to verify correct genus and concentrations of vital constituents, the exact, original element markers of Chinese herbs grown for millennia in their traditional bio-regions.
  • Low Pesticide Residue: The relatively small percentage of herbs in Blue Dragon formulas that are not organically grown or organic wild-crafted are contracted with reliable growers and rigorously tested for pesticide and heavy metal residue. These herbs range from those less frequently used, to minerals and shells like Long Gu and Shi Jue Ming and vital “herbs” of animal origin like Lu Rong, Chan Tui, Di Long and Gui Ban. Any herb in the formulas that is not organic is so because it is thus far impossible to find any organically grown or wild-crafted sources. However, each year, more herbs will be cultivated using organic methods and so the percentage of organic content in the formulas will increase.
  • Methods of Preparation – The “4 GP’s” or Good Practices: GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) sets standards for air, water and soil purity. tGPP (traditional Good Processing Practices), factories guarantee consistent processing standards for grading, washing, cutting and drying. Most important of these is the processing of the herbs according to over 40 different traditional methods such as by steaming, roasting, baking with honey or soaking in vinegar, wine or black bean juice. These traditional methods enhance the herbs function as well as provide necessary detoxification. Blue Dragon Herbs are processed at a full scale GMP-ISO 9001 (Good Manufacture Practices) factory that is 100% compliant with FDA‘s GMP standard. Most other factories only comply with GMP standards in the capsulation and packing phases of operation, but not in the extracting and concentrating stages. Finally, the factory also meets the FDA‘s GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) standards. Our manufacturer contracts with two internationally recognized GLP labs: Shanghai Food and Drug Lab (sifdc, and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park ( Our products are also assured by random checks by the U.S. FDA lab.
  • Micro-Mesh for Superior Assimilation: In the market today, 90% of herb extract powders used for making pills, tablets and capsules use an 80 to 120 mesh screen which produces herb particles of 100 to 80 μm (micro meter or one millionth of a meter). This leaves the tough cell wall intact, making it quite difficult for the body to absorb and assimilate. Blue Dragon Herbs manufacturer has developed a technology similar to that used for “Cracked Cell Chlorella,” which reduces the size of the particles by breaking the cell wall in the drying process, while maintaining cell integrity and nutrient value. The resultant smaller size broken cell wall micro powder of 500 mesh (25μm), allows the active ingredients in the herbs to be more efficiently delivered into the bloodstream. This gives you superior absorption and assimilation as well as higher potency and reduced dosage. Please refer to the “Dosaging Guidelines” section of this manual on page 18 for more information.
  • Guaranteed Potency Herbs: Blue Dragon uses “Guaranteed Potency Herbs,” commonly referred to as standardized extracts in 17 of its 50 Specialty and Modified TCM Classic formulas to increase potency and efficacy. For example, a standardized (50:1) extract of Ginkgo is one of the best agents currently available for treating senility, whereas raw, ground Ginkgo or even a 5–10:1 extract is virtually unusable, as ingesting enough to produce the same medicinal action would be accompanied by severe side effects. Please note that standardized extracts are always used along with the traditional 5 to 10:1 extracts, and always in a base of the raw, ground herb. This ensures that that all naturally occurring compounds & volatile oils in the raw herbs (including all the known, and as yet unknown constituents) are present in the final product, while considerably boosting the primary functions of the formula.
  • Generations of Herbal Innovation The grower and processor of Blue Dragon Herbs, Alan Lau, is a third generation herbalist who has been a leader and innovator in TCM. In 1969, he founded a major TCM Herb Company, dedicating himself to “modernizing” Chinese herbal medicine, that is, setting definitive quality standards for every aspect of the growing, processing and packaging of herbs and ensuring that these standards are consistently met. Alan was the first to provide sulfur-free herbs world-wide in 1975, abandoning the then common, but toxic sulfur bleaching cosmetic process He was also the first to meet the FDA‘s labeling requirements, declaring all ingredients, and eliminating the then common practice of including pharmaceuticals. In 1985, he helped create China‘s first GMP factory, and in 2002, Mr. Lau‘s new company was the first in China to grow and process its herbs according to GAP and GPP standards.
  • Low Sulfur Content: Blue Dragon requires less than 10 ppm (parts per million) versus many companies which allow between 30 and 150 ppm. Inorganic sulfur is a dangerous toxin that causes permanent brain, kidney and liver damage.
  • The Strictest Standards for Heavy Metal Content: We require testing on all herbs and they must meet the European Common Market Standards, which are more stringent than the U.S. FDA. Many companies do only limited testing. Before contracting with our farmers, the air, water and soil on their land is tested for lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, as well as sulfur dioxide and fluoride.
  • Heavy Ion Beam Sterilization: HIBS avoids the toxicity of methods commonly used by other manufacturers for sterilization such as ultraviolet, chemical, sulfur dioxide or radiation which can cause cell mutations.
  • Endangered Species: Our products contain no plant or animal byproducts that are either endangered or cannot be reproduced.
  • Environmental Conservation: A clean environment is the foundation of life on this planet. It is the basis for health in every organ, gland, tissue and cell in the body. The ancient Chinese culture understood this interconnection between man and the environment, and it was fundamental to the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal were not just abstract concepts, but the practical materials of everyday life. Today, modern life removes us from our environment and the elements. Farming, including herb farming, has become a high tech industry, where the health of the farmer, consumer and Earth are discounted. “Modern agriculture reduces the role of the soil to a substance of convenient texture that holds plants in a vertical position while chemicals are forced up their shaft. Plants stand in the field and receive a chemical enema.”(1)
  • Inherit in Chemical Farming, Health Problems for Earth & Humanity Alike: Chemical fertilizers cannot be integrated into soil or plant life in the same way as organic fertilizers. In a natural environment, life is renewed as dead vegetation and manure decompose and feed the microbial life in the soil. In contrast, most chemical fertilizers are acid salts that burn their way through the soil, and create imbalance by killing microbial life and worms which nourish the earth. Even more damaging are the pesticides, many of which cause cancer by changing the genetic structure of humans and animals. They have also been shown to cause nerve and brain damage.
  • Blue Dragon Herbs is honored to do it’s small part in spreading the awareness of the interconnectedness of the health of the planet, our communities and our bodies. As an old proverb says, “we are only as rich as our soil and as wealthy as our water.” We are also proud to help hard working farmers in China raise their standard of living, while providing the highest possible quality, organic Chinese herbs to the United States.

(1) Jensen, Dr. Bernard and Mark Anderson, The Empty Harvest, p.32
(2) University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

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The Blue Dragon Difference:

  • Highest Percentage of Organic Herbs
  • 100% Herb - No Fillers
  • "De Dao Herbs"
  • Lowest Sulfur and Heavy Metals
  • Micromesh For Superior Assimilation
  • No Endangered Species
  • Safer High Ion Beam Sterilization
  • The "Four GPS" or Good Practices
    1. GAP - Good Agricultural Practices
    2. TGPP - Traditional Good Processing Practices
    3. GMP-ISO 9001 - Good Manufacturing Practices
    4. GLP - Good Laboratory Practices
  • Guaranteed Potency Herbs
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