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    Blue Dragon Herbs are grown on pristine rural farms across 11 provinces in China, at least 100 KM from any industrial manufacturing and 50 KM from any town of more than 1,000 individuals.


    Our herbs are grown using traditional organic methods. The virgin land has never seen an insecticide, herbicide or chemical fertilizer.


    We have had over 600 commonly used Chinese herbs certified organic by the EU and USDA.


    88% of the herbs in our formulas are certified organically grown or certified organic wild-crafted.


    Our formulas are 100% herb. Unlike most TCM herb companies who use up to 50% filler, we use absolutely no fillers. This means higher potency, less capsules for patients to swallow, and so lower comparative costs.


    Blue Dragon Herbs are processed at a full scale GMP-ISO factory in Guan Dong that is 100% compliant with the FDA's standard.


    Full Scale GMP means use of purified water and clean room (300,000 air standard) in all stages, through extraction, concentration, encapsulating, bottling and packing.


    Our factory is also fully tGPP (traditional Good Processing Practices) FDA compliant. This guarantees consistent standards for grading, washing, cutting and drying.


    Most important is the processing of the herbs according to over 40 different methods specified by the Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China, such as traditional treatments by steaming, roasting, baking with honey or soaking in vinegar, wine or black bean juice.


    Blue Dragon has 66 capsulized formulas including commonly used TCM Classics, Modified Classics and Specialty Formulas.


    Blue Dragon Herbs supports "Sustainable Agriculture" in all phases of operation for environmental health, resource conservation, economic profitability, and social and economic justice.

The mission of Blue Dragon is to bring the healing power of Chinese herbs to the United States, in all their original potency, yet unadulterated by the toxins of herb farming in China.

  • 88% of the herbs used in our formulas are either USDA and EU certified organically grown or certified organic wild-crafted.
  • 28 of Blue Dragon’s 66 formulas are comprised of 100% certified organically grown or wild-crafted herbs.
  • 56 of our 66 formulas have 80% or higher certified organically grown or wild-crafted herbs.

At Blue Dragon, we grow our herbs in the same location and using the same methods that they have been grown for hundreds and thousands of years. The soil is fertilized naturally, with compost and the use of crop (herb) rotation, instead of chemical fertilizers. In place of toxic insecticides, our farmers use the naturally effective juice of fresh herbs such as Ju Hua, Xi Xin, Huan Niu Xi, Zi Su Ye and Ma Huang. Instead of poisonous herbacides, our farmers take care of weeds the old fashioned way, pulling them out by hand one by one.

The difference is vitally important for the health of our farmers, our patients, ourselves, future generations, and the health of the Earth itself. Most immediately, it has been well documented that the use of pesticides and herbicides result in increased lymphomas, leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, birth defects and hormonal imbalances.

Making matters worse, highly toxic chemicals which have long been banned or heavily restricted in the U.S. and most countries are still commonly used on China’s commercial herb farms.

One example is the insecticide, Heptachlor. Since the 1980’s, the EPA has limited the sale of heptachlor products to the specific application of fire ant control in underground transformers. High levels increase type 2 diabetes risk and the EPA has classified the compound as a possible human carcinogen. Parathion is another insecticide that is highly toxic to humans. Its use is banned or restricted in many countries, although, again, it is still commonly used on commercial herb farms in China.

Toxic chemicals such as these have been used in such heavy concentrations that the ground water in many parts of China is contaminated with them. That’s why we only grow or wildcraft our herbs in remote rural areas, at least 100 kilometers from any industrial manufacturing or smokestack industries and 50 kilometers from any town of more that 1,000 individuals. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers have never been used on our virgin land. The air, water and Earth are still clean and we are committed to see that they remain clean.

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The Blue Dragon Difference:

  • Highest Percentage of Organic Herbs
  • 100% Herb - No Fillers
  • "De Dao Herbs"
  • Lowest Sulfur and Heavy Metals
  • Micromesh For Superior Assimilation
  • No Endangered Species
  • Safer High Ion Beam Sterilization
  • The "Four GPS" or Good Practices
    1. GAP - Good Agricultural Practices
    2. TGPP - Traditional Good Processing Practices
    3. GMP-ISO 9001 - Good Manufacturing Practices
    4. GLP - Good Laboratory Practices
  • Guaranteed Potency Herbs
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